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Climate Change Putting Food Supply In Jeapordy

The Battle Over Fish Farming In the Open Ocean Heats Up, As EPA Permit Looms


Feeding Seaweed To Cows And Other Factors In the Assessment of the Global Food System

Can We Stop Stupid Politics From Ruining Carbon Framing?


Sustainable Food Packing Alternatives To Plastic

Compost Key To Sequestering Carbon In the Soil

UN: Plant-based Diet Can Fight Climate Change


We’re Eating This Planet To Death

State of the Issue: Taming the Tsunami of Plastic Waste

Is It Possible To Raise a Carbon-Neutral Cow?


Hundreds of Columbian Coffee Growers Have Stopped Cultivating in the Face of Shifting Climate and Economics

Could Mussels Teach Us How To Clean Up Oil Spills?

Why the Answer To Saving the Environment Isn’t Getting Rid Of All Plastic Food Packaging

Trump’s EPA May Be About to Screw Over America’s Biggest Salmon Run

Fake Meat Will Save Us (Until We Have Real Leadership On Climate Change)

Vancouver Market Tries To Shame Customers Over Plastic Bag Use


Guess What: There's Rice In Your Future

Humans Consume “Tens of Thousands” of Plastic Pieces Each Year

Climate Change Is Coming For your Scotch


How Africa Is Leading the World In a Shift From Plastic

Climate Crisis Brings Historic Delay to Planting Season, Pressuring Farmers and Food Prices

EPA’s Proposal for Limiting Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water Is Dangerous To Public Health

Farming Traditions Based On the Cycles of Nature Can Help the Environment

Life Was Easier When Humans Hunted and Gathered Their Food, Study Finds

Our Willful Ignorance About Our Non-Sustainable Eating Habits


Starbucks And Whole Foods Now Accept Bitcoin. Just Don’t Ask Them

You Don’t Have To Be a Vegan To Be a Climate-Friendly Eater

187 Countries Sign Plastic Waste Agreement

The Problem With Lab-Grown Meat


Can Robots Help Pick Up After the Recycling Crisis?

In Case You Missed It: NYTimes’ Climate Change Food Section


London Marathon Replaces Plastic Water Bottles With Edible Seaweed Pods

3 Reasons Why Plastic Pollution Is an Environmental Justice Issue

Most People Waste More Food Than They Think. Here’s How To Fix It

Meal Kits Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Grocery Shopping, Study Says


Half Of All Land Must Be Kept In a Natural State To Protect Earth

New Environmentally Friendly ‘Paper Spoon Straw’ Launched


I Won’t Be Buying Groceries For a Full Year. Here’s How I’m Surviving

Climate Change Drove Neanderthals to Cannibalism, New Research Suggests

More Than 1 Million Acres of US Cropland Ravaged By Floods


From Wildfires To Extreme Temperatures, Climate Change Is Driving Activism In the Farm Fields

Jury: Roundup Weed Killer Is Major Factor In Man’s Cancer

4 Ways To Reduce Plastics and Other Single-Use Disposables in Your Kitchen

Regenerative Agriculture Can Make Farmers Stewards of the Land Again

Cooking a Roast Meal Causes Indoor Air Pollution Worse Than New York City

Climate Change and Canada’s Icewine Industry


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