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Newsy’s Investigation of the Elite World of Master Sommeliers

Jonah Flicker: 10 Seasonal Beers You Need To Drink This Fall

Kentucky Spirit: A Brief History of Bourbon and Its All-American Legacy

The Best Pumpkin Beers In America

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Hazy Beers: What’s With the Haze Craze?

How To Make a Caipirinha, Brazil’s National Cocktail


The Bad, The Ugly, and The Good About Cocktail Influencers

Canned Cocktails Give Millennials What They’ve Always Desired


You Can’t Copyright a Cocktail, So What’s a Creative Bartender to Do?

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The Hop Growing Process Behind the Perfect Pint Of Beer

I’m a Bartender, and These Are the Drinks that We Secretly Judge You for Ordering

Advice From Bartenders: How To Make Perfect Ice

In Search of the Ultimate Spritz

France’s Wine Theme Park Is the Stuff of Grown-Up Dreams


Two Leading Footwear Mavens Launch Whiskey Brand

Coca Cola Has Launched a Range of Posh Mixers, Which Use Everything From Jasmin To Lemongrass

What IS ‘Sustainable’ Wine? 5 Brands Exemplify


Canned Wine Comes of Age

Neman: How Awful—I Had To Judge a Cocktail Contest

Greg Boehm, Keeper of cocktail Culture

Is English Wine Becoming Hip?

Robert Parker, Arguably the Most Influential Wine Critic In History, Retires From The Wine Advocate

Hawksmoore, Steak Chain Restaurant in Manchester, England Accidentally Serves $6000 Bottle of Wine

The Two-Ingredient Cocktail That Will Change Your


Why Italian Winemakers Are Setting Fires In Their Vineyards


How To Batch Cocktails For a Crowd

Menstrual-Themed Cocktail Sparks Outrage Online

Margaritas Are Good, But Have You Tried a Paloma?

FirstTaste: Vega Sicilia’s New Releases, Including  Unico 2009

How Wines From a Little-Known Region Became Some of the Most Expensive in the World


Going 10 Rounds With Top Sommelier Zwann Grays

Two Wine Pros Weigh In On the State of Wine Marketing and Sales

We Asked 16 Beer Pros: What’s the Most Unforgettable Beer You Ever Had?

Two Roots Brewing Co. Is Now Selling Cannabis-Infused Craft Beer

The Corkcicle Canteen Holds an Entire Bottle of Wine at the Ideal Temperature

A Lightning Round With Star Bartender Roberto Berdicia

Top Bartender Will Thompson’s Current Obsession: Mexican Rum

We Asked a Sommelier To Rank Budget Wines From Costco, Target, Trader Joes, BJ’s, and Lidi

Would You Pay $20 for a Pre-Mixed Martini?

Meet 7 of the Leading Women Winemakers of Brunello, Italy


Top Misconceptions About Israeli Wine

This One Thing Makes Buying Wine Way Less Overwhelming

The 5 Most Influential Irish Bars in America

Love Your Happy Hour Cocktail? Thank Legendary Bartender Audrey Saunders

Happy Beer Day! Ireland Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of End of Ban

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Curated Writing About The World of Food

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